Progress Software Video Case Study Overview

Accounts receivable automation with best practices for payment acceptance for B2B companies

Vincent Byrne, Senior Manager of Credit & Collections with Progress Software, explains the benefits to companies of forward thinking credit managers and AR teams that are automating their receivables and leveraging EVO technology to accelerate their cash flow.

EVO B2B has worked with Vincent Byrnes and Progress Software over the past 10+ years, supporting his efforts for accounts receivables efficiency gains including steps to reduce the Progress DSO (days sales outstanding), integrate a virtual terminal for payment acceptance optimization, initiate payment ERP integrations, and offer customer payment updates to drive the benefits of increasing their credit card acceptance from business customers.

Through a series of videos, we will unpack each of these areas with insight from Vincent Byrne, a seasoned financial executive that has a proven track record of accelerating his company’s cash flow. This video below is the first in the series to give you an overall understanding of the work Vincent Byrnes has done with EVO B2B, the payment acceptance leaders for business-to-business companies.



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