Progress Made with B2B Virtual Terminal

Using payment tools and technology to gain an edge in the market

Progress Software, a leading public software technology company and long-time client of EVO B2B, leverages a virtual terminal to automate their payment acceptance process, reduce costs, and streamline the workflow normally associated with accepting payments for B2B companies. Continuing our video series interview with Senior Manager Credit and Collections, Vincent Byrne, at Progress Software, you can hear from him in this video below exactly how he leverages payment technology provided by EVO B2B to position his company as an industry leader in accepting payments.

By allowing his customers to initiate payments earlier in the billing cycle by including payment links on all digital invoices, Progress is able to leverage the virtual terminal from EVO B2B to accomplish the main goals for their AR department. Using a virtual terminal custom-built for B2B companies allows Progress and other EVO B2B clients to achieve new standards in their financial automation strategy.

  • Process payments in-house with ease
  • Payment link inclusion on statements, invoices and dunning letters
  • Improved processes and streamlined workflow
  • Reduce DSO

To watch the overview of the Progress Software video case study, click here.


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