Another Industry Saved

Reducing costs with payment technology

Some of the largest and well-run automotive recycling companies have learned about the benefits in leveraging our payment technology to make their location or group of locations more profitable. While many auto recyclers are using an online terminal to process their B2B payments, many are in need of also using a physical terminal for walk-in business. Either way, our Sterling B2B (EVO B2B) team is able to use our proprietary payment technology, Interchange Management®, to automate cost reduction on every transaction.

Sterling B2B Group is now EVO B2B. When this was recorded Sterling B2B Group was a fully owned subsidiary of EVO Payments, but now we have changed our name to align with our parent company. Read about it here.

Our team is proud to be endorsed by the leading industry associations for auto recycling companies as the #1 provider of credit card processing for B2B companies. In fact, we’ve helped automotive recycling companies save hundreds of thousands of dollars. We’re looking forward to working with your company as well. It all starts with a free cost reduction analysis where we take a look at your current credit card statements, examining fees and charges and then explaining them to you in a comprehensive review. You’ll also understand exactly how much you would have paid if we would have been doing your payment processing. Get your analysis today. 

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