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We build lasting partnerships by providing our clients with innovative payment technologies, authentic transparency, and world-class service. We automate cost reduction and increase cash flow for our clients by initiating streamlined payment processes and leveraging our proprietary Interchange Management® Technology to assure the lowest rates on every transaction. From initial analysis through implementation, EVO B2B is dedicated to the most transparent value-added business relationships with B2B companies worldwide.

EVO B2B is dedicated solely to the business-to-business market. As a technology company, EVO B2B continues to invest in payments technology, infrastructure and security that forms the backbone for our innovative B2B solutions.

The EVO B2B Advantage

In-depth Experience

In-depth Experience

B2B Focus


Seamless Integrations

Seamless Integrations

Insightful Analytics

Insightful Analytics

Consultative Support

Consultative Support

Client Focused


B2B Payment Solutions

“EVO B2B’s unique Level 2 and Level 3 qualification technology saved my people time and frustration with what used to be repetitive data input and cumbersome report development, in addition to fee savings.” - Larry Schneider, Chefs Warehouse


Throughout our entire process, we are completely transparent in everything we do – from our consultative sales approach, solution presentation, pricing, and ongoing support. Every B2B company is unique and so is our solution for every company we serve. EVO B2B is completely transparent with financial executives on how exactly we will help their company reduce costs and increase cash flow. Our consultative approach results in a complete understanding and thorough analysis of a company’s current payment process, and assures we have a mutually beneficial relationship with every company we serve.

Service and Security

Our advanced business support team, available 24/7/365, provides industry leading service for financial executives of B2B companies. From on-boarding through ongoing account management, we are dedicated to a single point of contact for support, PCI compliance guidance, and extensive commitment reviews throughout our relationship. EVO B2B provides the highest security standards in business payments with network protection, point to point encryption and system wide monitoring. Our commitment to the best business level service and high security standards for business payments gives us an industry leading retention rate of 96+%.


ERP payment modules and custom integrations for accounting and business management systems

“Having recently switched business systems, it was a no brainer to go to EVO B2B for their strong customer service. I recommend them to any business.” – Mark Blanchard, Tegra Equipment/Bobcat

Innovative Technology

Our B2B payment processing services optimize your payment processing environment while delivering the lowest overall cost of payment acceptance in the B2B payments market. EVO B2B’s proprietary Interchange Management® technology sets a new standard in identifying savings in interchange rates.

In addition, our experience with ERP and accounting system integrations combined with management reporting designed for B2B business drives workflow efficiency for your business, producing substantial cost-savings across multiple areas.

Technology in Business Payments

EVO B2B is the only business payments solution with Interchange Management® technology that automates cost reduction on transactions for the lowest overall cost on payment acceptance – every time. We combine this powerful technology with custom integrations for ERPs (Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, and more), accounting systems, business management solutions and many industry specific management tools. Our payment solutions are designed specifically for B2B companies to drive workflow efficiencies in the payment process for substantial cost reduction.

Interchange Management®

EVO B2B continues to revolutionize the business payment industry with its proprietary Interchange Management™ program. This technology identifies cost reduction opportunities in the lowest interchange rates the card brands (Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express) apply to each payment transaction. A major advantage of doing business with EVO B2B is our Level 2 and 3 processing solutions, which ensure the best rate for every transaction whether through terminals or card not present scenario.

Our system automates your company’s transactions to qualify for the lowest rate possible based on card type and transaction parameters, potentially saving you 30-40 percent on processing costs.

Total Business Solutions

EVO B2B offers the broadest range of integrated solutions in the payment industry. We are focused on fully understanding your business and how payments fit into your receivables process, immediate needs and long term goals. We identify payment solutions and process improvements which result in time savings and cost reduction, increasing cash flow back to your bottom line. We work closely with you to securely integrate real-time card acceptance into your existing workflow, ERP and accounting software systems to identify the best long-term payment solution, including pre-build payment modules and custom integrations.

EVO B2B’s custom integration services are based on 10+ years of focus on B2B payments. This experience results in integrations that work and are delivered on time, allowing you to quickly benefit from operational and processing cost savings.

Consultative Approach

“EVO B2B has been a pleasure to work with. Their exceptional customer service, attention to detail and expertise in P–card processing has been a refreshing change.” – Nelson Delrosario, Presstek

Navigate the Complexity

For your B2B company to succeed today, you need a payment partner that understands your business, as well as the ever-changing financial services industry. It is challenging to stay current with the payment industry and card networks, including process fees and regulations which change minimally twice a year. Failure to keep up with these changes can significantly increase your payment processing costs. EVO B2B is focused on understanding the ever-changing payment industry and the impact these changes can have on your bottom line. We have the knowledge, experience and proven track record to untangle this complex process and deliver enterprise-class payment processes and cost-reduction technology to your business.

Achieve Tangible Results

EVO B2B continues to provide companies with innovative payment technologies, transparency in analysis and solutions, with ongoing service that drives business success for our clients. Approaching business payment processing this way produces cost reduction results in both fees and stream-lined workflow efficiencies that far outweigh any solutions offered by our competitors. In 2017 alone, when an analysis has been completed we have shown a dramatic reduction in cost compared to our competition 95.1% of the time.

Buying Groups and Associations

Bring a technology partner to your members that will bring them into the future of payment processing with simple integration and high cost reduction benefits.


We equip your member companies with industry leading technology to reduce credit card processing costs, drive out inefficiencies, and provide value as a partner in payment processing. EVO B2B is the #1 trusted source for buying groups to select as a preferred partner in payment processing for their members. Offering our Interchange Management® solution is an ‘easy win’ for buying group and association directors that want to give their members value for belonging to the group. LEARN MORE


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